Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Like a baby bird leaving the nest...

...this aviatrix leaves the pattern.

Waiting on the ramp for arriving traffic
The day after my solo in the pattern I was scheduled to fly again. The plan was to go out to the practice area with my CFI, circle around, and bring him home. If I didn't screw up anything he would send me back out on my own.

The weather was great, not too much traffic, we went out and reviewed emergency procedures.  He asked me a few other procedural questions and we headed back to the airport. I dropped him off at CAS and made my call to get me back out to the practice area.

I took off and climbed, did a left turn and headed back to the practice area but this time alone!

Reached cruising altitude, straight and level flight
Look at me, I'm flying solo!

Heading back to the airport

Don't worry all the photos were taken with my point and shoot camera which I literally just held up and pushed the button. I'm surprised the photos turned out as well as they did since I was being a pilot not a photographer. ;o)

I arrived back at CHD, did two TNGs, landed and taxied back to CAS.  It was great up until I parked or rather attempted to park. I pulled up next to the building to try to get a spot and leave an open spot for the next person. I lost momentum, people walked out of the building, and by then I was at a weird angle. My CFI came out and game me the 'kill it' signal and we pushed the airplane back and maneuvered it around into its spot. So I need to work on parking.

~Blue skies and Tailwinds

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