Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Arizona Susan G. Komen 3-Day for the Cure Day 3

Day 3 - 15.5 miles

The third day started with a bus ride to the start.  We were taken to Scottsdale where we unloaded and walked through some gorgeous neighborhoods and enjoyed the mountain views.  

Our safety crew as always was there to keep us, well safe, and entertain us too.  Here is their early morning briefing and their rides. 
More beautiful mountains at our first pit stop, over the port-o-potties.   

We walked through the Biltmore Estates and some beautiful neighborhoods of the older part of Phoenix.

Along the way I saw people I had seen for the 2 previous days and I was reminded of why we were walking.  

We ended at the Arizona Veterans Memorial Colosseum and walked into a cheering crowd or walkers, crew, family, just everyone was there, it was amazing!

The closing ceremonies were as moving as the opening.  At the end everyone takes a shoe off and lifts it in the air as a salute.  It was amazing to see.  

Then the survivors walked in with flags.  One of ladies I walked with is a survivor and was chosen to walk in with other survivors and go up on the platform in celebration.   I can only imagine how much that meant to her, her sister, and her BFF.  I am honored to have glimpsed that moment in time. 
 I’ve been invited to join the team where ever they do their next walk.  I didn’t think I would consider it, but we will just have to see.  
There is no way I could include everything but I hope it gives an idea of the wonderful event and the worthy cause.  Thank you for reading this long blog.  

Walked in Honor of
Mary Ellen Warner
Wendy Satterly
Gwen Swing
Priscilla Flynn
Gail Wolf
Shirley Tipton
Jean Wright

In Loving Memory of 
Jean Hand 
Jackie Blackmer
Debbie Moore
Grandma Gabel

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