Monday, February 14, 2011

20 Years of Marriage

This morning the alarm went off, I rolled over and cracked a very tired eye at my sleeping hubby.  The first thought that went through my mind was 'I should go run and get it over with so Bri and I can spend the day together uninterpreted.'  My second thought, 'today is our 20th anniversary.  No more, we will be married 20 years next year, next month, next week, tomorrow... tomorrow was here!  Wow.'

The reality of it all was AM carpool, a stop by the store to pick up last minute Valentine chocolate for the kids, my morning miles, and then the rest of the day dedicated to my honey... only interrupted by dog duty and delivering dinner to the kids at school after rehearsal.

So what does a couple do for their 20th?  Well the party was on Saturday.  We had a great time with most all of our friends and family that were there in the beginning including our off spring.

It was great to reminisce and make new memories.  I think my favorite quote of the night was, "you know back then we all thought you guys were nuts?"

So today was just to spend some time together.  First a very romantic lunch.  Apparently Chipotle's is becoming a tradition, we did this last year too. LOL..

Then at the end of the evening a family dessert 

What did I learn today?  I am a very blessed and lucky woman.  Well, I guess I didn't really learn that today, I've known this for a loooooong time.  God has blessed me richly with a wonderful man who is a great husband, father, provider, friend, supporter, and encourager, among many, many other adjectives.

What do we have to show for 20 years?  We don't have the biggest house or the newest cars.  However, we do have a deep and meaningful relationship that has weathered the test of time (so far).  We have two children that we are very proud of.  We have a love that surprises us both and has grown deeper over the years.

I cannot wait for the next 20 years!

I love you honey!!!

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